Journey’s Lead Guitarist Sends Cease And Desist Letter To Bandmate Over Mar-a-Lago Performance


The Left can’t handle anyone supporting Donald Trump.

Lead Guitarist for Journey, Neal Schon, sent a cease and desist letter to bandmate Jonathan Cain for performing Journey’s song “Don’t Stop Believin’” at an event for Donald Trump.

The Hill reported:

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Lawyers for Journey’s Neal Schon are sending a cease and desist letter to one of his bandmates for performing the group’s hit, “Don’t Stop Believin’” at an event for former President Trump.

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Attorneys for lead guitarist Schon, who founded the band in 1972, recently sent the letter to fellow musician Jonathan Cain, Variety first reported Wednesday.

Cain was seen in a video posted on social media performing at a bash last month at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida resort home. In the clip, Cain is on the keyboard while Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), former Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Kimberly Guilfoyle sing along onstage to “Don’t Stop Believin’ as Trump looks on from the audience.

Schon accused Cain of hurting Journey’s brand with the performance – Cain responded by saying he’s seen Schon “damage our brand for years and am a victim of both his — and his wife’s — bizarre behavior.”

Variety reported:

The letter, obtained by Variety, reads in part: “Although Mr. Cain is free to express his personal beliefs and associations, when he does that on behalf of Journey or for the band, such conduct is extremely deleterious to the Journey brand as it polarizes the band’s fans and outreach. Journey is not, and should not be, political.

“Mr. Cain has no right to use Journey for politics,” the letter continues. “His politics should be his own personal business. He should not be capitalizing on Journey’s brand to promote his personal political or religious agenda to the detriment of the band,” calling it a “harmful use of the brand.”

In response, a rep for Cain initially said on Wednesday, “Schon is just frustrated that he keeps losing in court and is now falsely claiming the song has been used at political rallies,” but Cain himself went further on Thursday. “Neal Schon should look in the mirror when he accuses me of causing harm to the Journey brand. I have watched him damage our brand for years and am a victim of both his — and his wife’s — bizarre behavior,” he wrote, referring to the guitarist’s wife, former “Real Housewives” star Michaele Salahi Schon. “Neal sued Live Nation twice, losing both times, and damaging our ability to ever work with them again; Neal outrageously tried to take away trademarks from Steve Perry; Neal and his wife continually insult the professionalism of numerous accountants, road managers, and management firms with endless legal threats and their bullying, toxic, and incoherent emails; Neal argues online with fans who don’t see eye to eye with him; and Neal and his wife recklessly spend Journey’s money until there is none left for operating costs. If anyone is destroying the Journey brand, it is Neal — and Neal alone.”

Video from the event:

Good on Jonathan Cain for not backing down!

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