Rush Limbaugh’s Brother Reveals Key Reality That Led Him from Skepticism to Christian Faith


Some might say that David Limbaugh, Rush’s brother, got to enjoy a special privilege in life because of having Rush as an older brother.

Certainly Rush made an amazing impact on the culture and the broadcast industry.

However, David Limbaugh has plenty of his own hard work and accolades to show as a writer and expert in law and politics, with appearances on national television and radio shows, such as various FOX News programs, CNN, the Glenn Beck Radio Program and many others.

In a tribute to his brother in April of 2021, he mentioned how they were both brought up in a home in which their parents instilled into them their Christian values, according to Fox News.

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Those values included a love for God, unconditional love for their family, a belief in moral absolutes in connection to truth and right and wrong; personal character and integrity; the value of human life and respect and compassion for others.

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Such values are often counter to today’s culture.

However, there was a time that David Limbaugh was a spiritual skeptic. He described the change to Fox News recently when speaking about the book he co-authored with his daughter, Christen Limbaugh Bloom, “The Resurrected Jesus: The Church in the New Testament.”

“One of the reasons I decided to start writing Christian books is because I know what it’s like to be a skeptic,” Limbaugh told Fox. “I know what it’s like to be intimidated by the Bible — and I also know what it’s like to overcome that skepticism and intimidation,” he added.

Perhaps David Limbaugh’s background in law and politics are a part of the reason why he became so keenly aware of the presence of evil in the world.

“One of the things, when I was a skeptic, that finally put me over the top … was the pervasiveness of evil in the world,” Limbaugh told CBN.

“There’s no other explanation of evil — the level and intensity of evil that we witness — than the Biblical worldview,” he said.

“That is the only thing that satisfactorily explains what we witness on this earth.”

Limbaugh pointed out that evil is often even glorified.

“These people who advocate abortion on demand, have the moral high ground in this perverse culture. They advocate mutilating children in sex-change, gender-change surgery. That’s pure evil; it’s objectively evil,” he said.

Limbaugh referenced Paul’s words in Ephesians 6:10-18 about the importance of believers putting on the full armor of God to battle the evil that must be faced in the world.

He also pointed out that it’s important for Christians to recognize that the devil and his demons are behind evil and wickedness in the physical world so much more than is realized.

At the same time, Christians don’t go into the battles they must face alone.

Limbaugh said the scriptures direct believers to go to God in prayer because “that’s how we avail ourselves of the power to fight against these evil spirits.”

He acknowledged that it may sound strange to some to hear about talk about evil spirits, but that’s what they are.

Limbaugh encouraged believers to get engaged in the work of God’s Kingdom and bringing people to Christ in whatever way He has gifted them to do so.

“You wanna have an impact for the Kingdom of God and for people’s eternal destiny,” he said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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