Trump Rips Biden’s Effort To Weaken US Citizenship Tests – “We Should Make Citizenship Responsible”


The Biden administration is making the US citizenship test weaker.

They are changing certain open-ended parts of the test to multiple-choice.

Parts of the test that are already standardized will be unchanged.

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CNN reported:

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The Biden administration plans to conduct a trial for portions of the naturalization exam, which immigrants must pass to become US citizens, next year, to try to make the test more accessible, US Citizenship and Immigration Services will announce Wednesday.

The naturalization exam is a crucial step to an immigrant’s path toward US citizenship, potentially impacting hundreds of thousands of immigrants who seek citizenship annually. President Joe Biden signed an executive order at the start of his administration that included a directive to review the English and civics tests for naturalization. Wednesday’s announcement is a result of that order.

The trial will include changes to the English-speaking component of the test, which is not standardized, and the civics component following a review by USCIS subject matter experts, according to the agency. The two other parts of the exam – reading and writing – are already standardized and will remain unchanged.

The trial civics portion is expected to be redesigned in a multiple-choice format, instead of it being fill in the blank. Currently, applicants study 100 civics test items and are required to answer six of 10 civics questions correctly to pass.

Trump ripped the plan saying “No, I don’t think we should make citizenship easy. We should make citizenship responsible—you have to be responsible if you come in to be a citizen. I would disagree with it.”

Breitbart reported:

Former President Donald Trump ripped President Joe Biden for taking steps to make citizenship tests for migrants easier as the current president’s administration implements a pilot program to change open-ended questions on the exam to multiple choice questions.

“I don’t like making it easier,” Trump told Breitbart News when asked about this Biden initiative. “I think people should go through a process. I’m all for legal immigration, but what’s happened in the last two years has probably never happened in any country in history. I think you have over 12 million people who will have come in in a very short period of time—not to mention the drugs and the human trafficking and all the other things that come with it. No, I don’t think we should make citizenship easy. We should make citizenship responsible—you have to be responsible if you come in to be a citizen. I would disagree with it.”

Trump’s comments came during an exclusive interview earlier this month at his Doral golf resort here in Miami.

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