Billionaire Co-Founder of Home Depot Says Biden Is The Worst President Ever


The 93-year-old co-founder of Home Depot is fed up with the way the United States is heading and he’s blaming “woke people” and Biden for its downfall.

In an exclusive interview with the Financial Times,  co-founder of Home Depot Bernie Marcus stated Biden is “the worst president in the history of this country.”

Later in his interview, he shared that if Home Depot was created today, it would be hard for him to grow past 15 or 16 stores.

He then proceeded to say socialist policies in the United States are making people too lazy to work.

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Marcus went on record saying Socialism is causing a mindset where nobody works. Nobody gives a damn. “Just give it to me. Send me money. I don’t want to work – I’m too lazy, I’m too fat, I’m too stupid.”

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In the interview, Marcus also shared that he supports both President Trump and Ron DeSantis of Florida.

Marcus made campaign contributions to both campaigns and was notably part of the Trump administration’s reopening task force during Covid.

When it comes to 2024, Marcus believes DeSantis will challenge Trump for the GOP nomination.

Marcus told the Financial Times, “It’s going to be very interesting in ‘24 because I think that DeSantis will challenge him. And may the better man win.”

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