WHO Director walks back his statement that some countries are using COVID-19 vaccine boosters to “kill children”

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Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian microbiologist and director of the World Health Organization, (WHO) was recently captured on video saying that some countries are using COVID-19 boosters “to kill children.” This is the most honest thing that has ever come out of Tedros’s mouth. World leaders repeatedly refuse to acknowledge the data on hospitalizations and sudden cardiac deaths in the fully vaccinated and boosted.

Sadly, the WHO walked back Tedro’s statements, and fact checkers now claim that his statement was a “slip of the tongue.”

Fact checkers walk back WHO’s statements on boosters killing children

The Nov. 15 Instagram post includes a video of Tedros speaking to the press. In the video he says, “So if it’s going to be used, [the covid-19 vaccine] it’s better to focus on those groups who have risk of severe diseases and death rather than, as we see in some countries, are using to give boosters to kill children.”

When USA Today reporters followed up with Tedros, a spokesperson for the WHO claimed that Tedros misspoke during the press conference. A Reuters fact checker set the record straight: “A video showing the head of World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, speaking about prioritizing vaccination efforts for poorer countries and more vulnerable populations over giving booster shots to children has been misconstrued online.”

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Reuters wrote: Some social media users have pointed to the clip to erroneously claim he “admitted” or “revealed” COVID-19 booster shots are being used “to kill children.” While the scene highlighted online is authentic, users have misconstrued his message. A WHO spokesperson told Reuters the sentence was the result of a slip of the tongue.”


The official transcript omitted the word “kill” because Tedros was allegedly trying to pronounce the first syllable of “children” but it came out as “kill.” The WHO spokesperson said that Tedros misspoke and corrected himself by promptly saying “children.”

WHO continues to lie to the world about childhood injuries and deaths from covid jabs

According to the official transcript, Tedros does not agree that the boosters are killing children. “So, if it’s going to be used, it’s better to focus on those groups who have risk of severe diseases and death rather than, as we see in some countries, are using to give boosters to children.”

The word “kill” was omitted, but this walk-back doesn’t take away from the fact that the vaccines are injuring and killing children outright.

During the press briefing, Tedros said the boosters should be used on vulnerable populations, rather than on children. At least, the director of WHO has come to realize that the vaccines shouldn’t be used in children; however, he won’t admit that the vaccines are harming children and causing mass deaths worldwide. WHO had the chance to set the record straight, and yet the Bill Gates-funded organization continues to lie to the world about mass murder and medical malfeasance.

Sad stories are not being heard, like that of Maddie de Garay – a twelve-year-old who was pushed into the clinical trials for Pfizer’s covid-19 vaccine at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. After taking the jab, she suffered from pain in her arm and severe heart and abdominal pain. Since taking the jab, she has been through hell. She is currently paralyzed from the waist down and must eat from a feeding tube.

Ernest Ramirez lost his son, Ernesto Ramirez Jr., after his son received the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on April 19, 2021. The vaccine inflamed the boy’s heart. He passed away less than a week after taking the jab. These families are not the only ones. More information about vaccine injury and death can be found at VaccineInjury.News.

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