BBC Sports Broadcaster Reveals She Suffers Stroke, Which Severely Impairs Her Speech 


BBC Formula One broadcaster, recently announced she had suffered a “severe stroke” which affected her speech.

Jennie Gow revealed Friday on her social media accounts that she suffered a serious stroke two weeks ago.

The 45-year-old journalist and broadcaster praised the medical staff at Frimley Park hospital in Surrey and St. George’s hospital in London for their assistance.

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“Hi everyone, been quiet the last few weeks, this is because I suffered a serious stroke two weeks ago,” Gow wrote.

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“My husband is helping me type this, as l’m finding it hard to write and my speech is most affected.”

“I’m desperate to make a full recovery and return to work, but it might take some time. Thank you to the medical teams at Frimley and St George’s and my family and friends who’ve got me through the last fortnight,” she concluded.

BBC reported:

In response, Formula 1 Racing tweeted: “Thinking of you Jennie, and wishing you all the very best with your recovery.”

The McLaren racing team said: “The entire team sends their love and strength as we look forward to seeing you back in the paddock.”

Broadcasters Hazel Southwell, Laura Winter and Dan Walker are among those who have tweeted messages of sympathy.

Jennie Gow has covered Formula 1 and other motorsport events for the BBC, ITV, Netflix and Sky TV.

The Southampton-born presenter, who grew up in Wargrave, Berkshire, began her broadcasting career at BBC Radio Solent before working for commercial radio stations in the south of England.

Gow tweeted in April 2021 that she had gotten sick after receiving AztraZeneca Covid vaccines.

“Morning – what a beautiful day. Had a very strange night of aches, being freezing cold and generally feeling a bit rubbish but much better this morning after taking paracetamol. I hear that’s quite common for Astra Zeneca vaccines,” she wrote.

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