Driver miraculously escapes death after being shot, crashing into train

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A Texas man is expected to survive despite a harrowing series of events on Wednesday evening.

At around 7:30 p.m., the unidentified man was driving his car along a road in southeast Houston when he was shot by an unknown assailant for unknown reasons. Reports indicate the bullet struck either the man’s neck or his upper torso.

Though the man was seriously injured in the shooting, his ordeal did not end there. Because of his injuries, the man lost control of his vehicle and went into a ditch before crashing into a freight train. The crash was so catastrophic that the car became crushed underneath the train itself. Though some reports indicated that the train was moving at the time, the latest report suggests that it was parked at the time of the crash.

After the crash, the man either still had the wherewithal to open his car door and crawl to safety or, as new reports suggest, some bystanders who witnessed the crash rushed over and dragged him from the vehicle. In either case, the man was lucky to have escaped the vehicle when he did, because just moments later, it burst into flames.

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A fellow motorist or perhaps one of the bystanders who helped him to safety then drove the man to a residence about two miles away and called 911. It is unclear why the man was taken to a home rather than a medical facility.

Police, who had likewise received a call about the shooting, quickly arrived at the home and transported the victim to the hospital, where he was immediately taken into surgery. Though he sustained serious injuries, the man is expected to survive, Lt. Larry Crowson of Houston PD reported.

As of Thursday, the man remains in the hospital, recuperating from the shooting, crash, and surgery. He was listed in critical condition, but is said to be improving. However, he is currently unable to speak, preventing police from learning new details from him at this time.

Police located the scorched car later that evening, and new surveillance footage from a nearby trailer repair shop has shed some light on the events leading up to the crash. As of Wednesday evening, the train remained stopped while the investigation into the incident continued. Police have not identified any suspects in connection with the shooting.

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