Why Do ‘Trans’ and ‘Non-binary’ Individuals Get Their Own Rules?

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Meta’s Oversight Board may allow users to bare their breasts on both Facebook and Instagram — with one small catch. The only nipples that are allowed to be exposed on the platforms must belong to” transgender” and “non-binary” users.

The recommendation comes as a result of the board’s decision in two cases where two Instagram posts depicting bare-chested “transgender” and “non-binary people” were removed. The board recommended that Meta “change its Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity Community Standard so that it is governed by clear criteria that respect international human rights standards.”

The board ruled that the existing policy was based “on a binary view of gender and a distinction between male and female bodies.”

“Such an approach makes it unclear how the rules apply to intersex, non-binary and transgender people, and requires reviewers to make rapid and subjective assessments of sex and gender, which is not practical when moderating content at scale,” they explain.

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The recommendation is patently absurd. According to the oversight board, “The same image of female-presenting nipples would be prohibited if posted by a cisgender woman but permitted if posted by an individual self-identifying as non-binary.”

So, that means if a woman posts a topless photo on Facebook or Instagram but identifies as “non-binary,” it’s okay. But, if that same woman suddenly identifies as “cisgendered,” the picture becomes obscene? It’s nonsensical and too complex for automation to make such a call. The board even acknowledged this fact: “Perceptions of sex and gender require the interpretation of contextual clues and appearance, both of which are subjective determinations conducive to errors.”

Perhaps the worst thing about this policy is that it is the latest example of how societal norms and basic human decency get ignored to pander to the “transgender” community.

In the summer of 2021, a Los Angeles spa made headlines after a man walked into a women’s changing area, exposing himself to the women and young girls inside. But the man said he “identified” as a woman, and California law protected his behavior. The spa defended the man’s right to expose his genitalia to women and little girls, and the liberal media similarly took his side. The attitude of the state and the spa was that his wasn’t a male penis, just as Meta is now saying the same female nipple is only okay when that female identifies as “non-binary.”

Do I need to remind you that the man who was exposing himself at the spa turned out to be a serial sex offender? How much do you think that matters to the trans cult? Very little.

In the United Kingdom, a convicted rapist decided to “identify” as female, and he went on to rape female inmates. A female inmate at one of the largest women’s prisons in Illinois was also raped by a male inmate incarcerated there because he “identified” as a woman. In Georgia, two gay LGBT activists were granted an accelerated adoption of two boys, despite one of the adoptive fathers being an accused child rapist. Now, the couple is facing a litany of horrific child sex crime charges.

These stories are the result of the LGBT cult being pandered to in every way. For too long now, we’ve been told by the woke left that LGBT people, particularly ‘transgender” and “non-binary” people, have their own set of rules that the rest of us have to get used to. If you don’t want a man exposing himself to your young daughter, you’re a bigot, because “transgender.” Want to expose your bare breast on Facebook? You better be “non-binary!”

In conclusion, I present this clip from The Family Guy.

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