The Fringe With Megan Fox, Episode 117: Are Feds Involved in Ana Walshe’s Disappearance? And the Crowder vs. DW Fight Is Super Awkward

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Join me as I unpack the strange involvement of an alleged fraudulent fed operation connected to Ana Walshe, who is missing and presumed murdered by her husband Brian Walshe. Then I get into the family feud conservatism is having at the moment. Do you care about this? We all feel pretty weird about it. It’s like Mommy and Daddy are fighting, and all we want to do is hide in our rooms until it’s over.

Is it safe to come out yet? Have Steven Crowder and the Daily Wire patched it up yet? It doesn’t seem so. I’m following it, but I really don’t want to. How do you feel about it? Let me know!

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